Using Inhalers in Horses and Ponies

Inhalers are used for the treatment of allergic airway disease. Courses of treatment usually last between 6 and 12 weeks, and follow a strict protocol. We commonly use two types of drugs; a bronchodilator which opens up the airways in the lungs, increasing the surface area, and cortico steroids which reduce the inflammation in the airways.

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Common Questions

How do I get effective levels of medication into my horse's lungs?

It is very important that the following instructions are followed exactly if you are to get effective levels of medication into you horse’s lungs. Multiple scientific studies have shown that each of the steps below has a marked effect on the effectiveness of inhalers.

Warm the inhaler to body temperature before use. Eg. Put in inside jacket/trouser pocket
Shake the inhaler well for 30 seconds
Remove cap from inhaler
Waste the first puff
Attach the inhaler to the babyhaler/aerohippus/aeromask/equihaler and keep the inhaler vertical
Ensure mask is firmly in position with an airtight seal
Watch the breathing pattern for a few breaths and actuate the inhaler once just before or immediately after the horse begins to breathe in
Allow a full inward breath to take in all the drug
If possible occlude the other nostril as the horse is breathing in for 5‐10 sec
Wait at least 30 secs before delivering the next puff (actuation) and shake again before hand

What is the treatment protocol?

Treatment protocol can vary from case to case. We will always advise you specifically for your horse, and give you specific written instruction. However, the following protocol is typically used. If you are in any doubt, please call the practice for clarification.

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