Caring for your Cat

Caring for your Cat

Cats are a lot like us. We know that while it is nice being around loving family and friends, we all love a bit of independence from time to time. Maybe we all have a little cat in us.

We also know that once we gain the trust of a cat, we’ll have a friend for life. A happy and healthy cat will reward us with love and lots of affection. So, here are five easy tips for raising a healthy and happy cat.

Cat Naps
Cats sleep between 13 and 16 hours a day. They like having a warm and comfortable place to curl up in, even if that is on your bed, tucked up in an open draw, or in her own personal cat bed. Some cats may prefer to be near a window o on a table to survey their kingdom, but wherever they choose, getting 40-plus winks is always restorative.

You are what you eat applies to cats too
Poor nutrition leads to health problems. Look for a cat food that lists meat as the first ingredient. Cats are carnivores and must have meat in their diets.

Often cats are fed once in the morning when we have our breakfasts, and once at night to coincide with our dinner times. After breakfast and dinner it is always a good idea for their bowels to be cleaned and left empty because a grazing cat that eats too much food can develop diabetes and other serious ailments. Some cats can be fussy with their food, so try a few varieties out until you find something your cat enjoys.

Good grooming
While cats groom themselves it is important to make it a ritual to brush them on a regular basis. Some cats will even learn to enjoy it and purr when you bring out the brush!

Brushing their fur cuts down on hairballs, which means they won’t ingest a lot of their fur when they are cleaning themselves, and you will have less fur in your home and on your clothes.

Cats like clean litter boxes
Ever notice that as soon as you clean the litter box, they want to use it? I can’t say that I blame them. No one likes a dirty bathroom!

Use a dust-free litter that’s free of harmful chemicals, additives and synthetic scents. There are lots of eco-friendly bio-degradable products on the market to choose from.

Cats love to hunt and play, and playing with your cat can not only be fun for them but relaxing for you! Playtime is when we bond, and cats get a lot of mental stimulation and exercise from playing, they are your little fury friends after all!