Down to the wire - an unusual food item!

Down to the wire - an unusual food item

Billy became a little unwell a week ago with a stomach upset and was a little lethargic. A day or two prior to that he had been taken on a walk up a mountain so his owner put it down to ‘feeling his age’.

Later last week he still wasn’t quite right and his abdomen was still  sore, although it hadn’t stopped him from eating (typical Labrador!). On Thursday his owner brought him into our Bridgnorth branch for a quick x-ray and to everyone’s surprise it showed that he had (what was assumed to be) a length of metal wire in his intestines.


As he was still bright it was decided we would try and feed him up to push it out. By Sunday (and 4 poos later), another quick x-ray showed the wire was still in the same place. Knowing it couldn’t be left in there, it was decided that an operation under General Anaesthetic was required to remove it. Rachel Saunders was on hand to perform the surgery.

The wire was found but it was no longer in his intestines. Instead, it had perforated through his GI tract and was found suspended in Mesentry (a fold of tissue in the abdominal cavity that attaches organs to the body wall). It was quickly removed and Billy is now recovering well from his surgery.

Unfortunately, we’ll probably never know why he had eaten it, we can only assume it had food near it at some point!

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