Fishing Tackle Disinfecting

Disinfection of Angling Equipment

Anglers are fishing more waters and travelling further afield in search of their sport. This trend can only increase the risk of the inadvertant transfer of fish diseases through contamination of angling equipment.

Many modern fisheries contain a large stock of valuable fish. It is in the interest of fishery owners, with the assistance of the anglers to do as much as they can in order to preserve and maintain the health of their stock. The advent of diseases such as Koi Herpesvirus has made the routine disinfection of nets and equipment essential in order to safeguard the stock and reputation of many fisheries. The practice of disinfection will help prevent the spread of disease, caused by viral, parasitic, fungal and bacterial pathogens. 

Iceland has made it mandatory to disinfect angling equipment before fishing. If equipment is disinfected before travelling the angler must obtain a certificate of disinfection from an official veterinary authority such as Severn Edge Vets.


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