It's back - our free senior pet nurse clinic

If you have a cat aged 10+ or a dog aged 8+, you’ll know that they deserve special care as they get older.

Our free of charge nurse clinics are here to give you peace of mind. An examination and some simple tests can detect chronic health conditions before symptoms appear. There might be easy changes you can make at home to reduce the impact of aging. Together, we can give the best possible care for your older pet.

Our veterinary nurses can:

  • Give your pet a top to toe examination, where they will look for things like dental disease, lumps and bumps, skin disorders etc.
  • Assess your pet for signs of arthritis
  • Measure your pet’s body condition score and give advice on exercise and diet
  • Perform a urine dipstick and specific gravity test (dogs only) – this can help screen for early signs of kidney disease, as well as inflammation or infection in the urinary systems
  • Perform a blood pressure measurement (cats only) – this can help screen for early signs of kidney disease

If any of these observations identify potential concerns, the nurse may recommend that you book a consultation with a veterinary surgeon for diagnosis and possible treatment. These would be charged at our usual rates.

To be eligible for a free of charge nurse senior clinic, your pet must:

  • Be aged over 8 years (dogs) or 10 years (cats)
  • Not have any currently diagnosed medical conditions
  • Have been examined by a veterinary surgeon within the last 12 months (for example, to have a booster vaccination)

Contact your local branch to book your free nurse clinic appointment


The senior pet clinic is intended as a preventative health screening service and does not replace an initial veterinary consultation.

In addition to the above eligibility criteria, general terms and conditions apply.