New Nematodirus warning map to keep an eye out for…

New Nematodirus warning map to keep an eye out for

As temperatures are falling at the moment spring may still seem some time away, however we will soon be there!

At a SCOPS meeting last month one of the developments highlighted  was a  new improved Nematodirus Warning Map.   This will appear online on the SCOPS website ( from the beginning of March and is worth keeping an eye on.  The map is designed to raise awareness of when outbreaks of nematodirosis might occur and to help time prophylactic treatments more accurately.

Data from 140 weather stations across the UK will be fed into this map on a daily basis by researchers at the University of Bristol.  A computer model will be used to summate time periods when air temperatures are between 11.5 and 17ºC.  Nematodirus battus eggs are predicted to hatch when the total reaches 7 days.  In previous years the nematodirus risk forecast has been applied to large areas of the country.  The 2016 map will be interactive allowing you to access more relevant, local information by clicking on the location of the weather station nearest to your practice.   A text box will then appear outlining the current nematodirus risk for that locality.  A second map will show the sites where N. battus eggs have been detected by diagnostic laboratories.

The only confirmed incidence of benzimidazole resistance in N. battus was described in Cumbria in 2010.  Since then scientists at the Moredun Research Institute in Edinburgh have proved that the resistance is due to a single mutation in the ß tubulin gene.  This has allowed them to screen N. battus eggs and larvae from 135 farms across the UK.  Overall they found a very low prevalence of resistant genes (around 5%) but a much higher prevalence in the vicinity of the farm where resistance was confirmed.  Resistant genes were detected on around 25% of farms tested highlighting the importance of quarantine treatments.

A useful link for further information is highlighted below:

Melville et al, Benzimidazole resistance in Nematodirus battus populations in the UK,



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