A new product that will optimise the way we dry off cows

A new product that will optimise the way we dry off cows

Ceva Animal Health have launched an innovative product that facilitates the dry-off process which could be of real benefit for you and your cows. Velactis is the first and unique dry-off facilitator that improves management, udder health and welfare of dairy cows. This product helps the cow at drying off by significantly reducing milk production. It does this by blocking prolactin, one of the hormones involved in milk production.

With Velactis, cows can be milked right up to the point of dry-off without the hassle of having to dry them off gradually by changing their diet, skipping milkings or having to do group changes. Abrupt dry-off with Velactis as opposed to gradual dry-off means more milk in the tank in those last few days of milking which is of economic benefit. Udder engorgement, milk leakage, new intramammary infections and udder pain and discomfort are common problems seen after dry-off. Velactis reduces udder engorgement after dry-off by 50% and udder over-pressure by 60% which means milk leakage and dry period infections are reduced and the cow is more comfortable.

There has been extensive trial work carried out by Ceva using this product before its launch. One large scale trial involving 900 cows in 63 farms in Europe showed that Velactis reduced milk leakage by 81% on the day after dry-off. In this same trial Velactis showed a 21% reduction in new intramammary infections in the dry period. If you are currently drying your cows off abruptly without diet or group changes, you will see a reduction in milk leakage and intramammary infections, and an improvement in the welfare of your dairy cattle on the days after dry-off. This was demonstrated In another trial in which cows treated with Velactis were much more comfortable and lay down for 2 hours and 21 minutes more compared to untreated cows.

Velactis is the first product in the market to have benefits in all these three areas – management, udder health and welfare and these benefits will be observed in cows of all production levels. Visit the following website for more information on all the above: dryyourbest.com/uk. We currently have this product in stock so don’t hesitate to ask our team about it.

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