Pastern Wound - Graphic Images

We were called out to this horse as she presented very lame on her right fore and had cellulitis of her lower limb. After closer examination it was clear that she has a wound on her pastern (picture 1) but it was only once it was thoroughly clipped and cleaned that the extent of the wound became apparent (picture 2). Wounds on lower limbs, particularly in high motion areas and when they are this deep need very close monitoring and regular veterinary attention. We placed a 3 layer bandage on the lower limb incorporating the foot to restrict movement of that lower limb as much as possible (picture 3).

Picture 1                                       Picture 2                                    Picture 3

This made all the difference and even after 1 week the wound had completely filled (picture 4) in and after 2 weeks was looking much smaller (picture 5). Excess granulation tissue was debrided as necessary on bandage changes. We are now 5 weeks down the line and the mare has a light dressing on to keep the area clean as she is not very tolerant of it being cleaned without sedation but is going to have it removed completely next week. She was only on antibiotics and phenylbutazone (‘bute’) for the initial 10 days to treat the cellulitis but has since been very comfortable.  

Picture 4

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