Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month - meet the rest of the team - the Veterinary Surgeon

veterinary surgeon

Now you know how to spot our nurses when you come into the practice - but do you know who else is caring for your pets? During Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month we’d love to take the opportunity to introduce you to some other members of the practice team so you know what we look like and what we do. The veterinary profession is a real team effort where every role is important and every person matters.

(Don't worry, nurses - we'll be coming back to you later!)

Meet Steve, one of our small animal vets. At Severn Edge our vets wear double breasted bottle green tunics and will have ‘MRCVS’ (Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons) post-nominals on their name badges, in addition to any other professional qualifications they might hold.

To train to be a veterinary surgeon you will need to go to university and undertake a veterinary degree from one of the seven universities currently approved by the RCVS. Degree courses are five or sometimes six years in length. Work in the veterinary profession is highly rewarding but also very demanding and entrance requirements for these courses are rigorous.

Vets are also required to undertake continued professional development to top up their skills and knowledge throughout their careers. Many of our vets hold postgraduate Certificates and Diplomas, specialising in everything from orthopaedics to exotics.