Surgical Facilities

At the Equine Clinic we have a fully equipped equine theatre for performing routine surgeries, and we are lucky to be in close proximity to the excellent Equine Unit at Liverpool University where we can refer emergencies or complex surgical cases if required.

Due to their size and unpredictability, anaesthesia and surgery in horses requires specialised facilities. We have a padded “knock-down” box which is where we can anaesthetise horses without them falling over and hurting themselves. We also let them recover from their operation here so if they are unsteady on their legs, they are again less likely to damage themselves. We have a motorised overhead gantry winch which means that once the horse (of any size) is anaesthetised, we can move them gently and safely onto our padded operating table for the surgery.

There is always one veterinary surgeon performing/monitoring the anaesthetic as well as another vet actually performing the surgery. Also provided are on-site stabling facilities should your horse be required to stay with us for any period of time.

We also are able to perform certain procedures (castrations, stitch-ups etc) with the horse remaining “in-the-field”, thus reducing the need for you and your horse to travel to us.