Worm Egg Count Package 2017

Worming of horses has always had a stigma of confusion attached to it. This is because there is not a single worming regime that fits every horse’s situation.

For example
1.  An owner with two mature horses in a private field where droppings are picked up regularly and there is no movement of new horses onto the pasture.
2.  An owner with a horse at a busy livery yard where horses of all ages come and go throughout the year, grazing on the same pasture and droppings are not picked up.

These two scenarios will need very different regimes. The first would be an ideal candidate for Worm Egg Counts and minimal worming, the second situation would not, regular interval worming would be the only way forward.

Why not just interval worm throughout the year for all horses?

This can be expensive, can lead to wormer resistance, is harmful to the environment and reduces awareness of pasture contamination.

Benefits of our Worm Egg Count Package
1. Reduced cost
2. Takes the emphasis of timing away from you
3. Better for the environment
4. Reduced risk of wormer resistance
5. Upto 4 Fecal Egg Counts
6. Increased awareness of pasture contamination
7. Results and advice by Severn Edge Equine Vets tailored to you
8. Drop off samples at your closest Severn Edge Vets branch rather than packing and posting

At Severn Edge Equine we have carried out the worm egg count package now for 4 years and have had some very good feedback. We give particular advice to the owners regarding their individual circumstances. Number of horses, age of horses, pasture management (picking up droppings etc.), stability of horse population.

What the standard package would include:

  • Starter pack, including advise on sampling, pasture management and sample bags
  • At least 3 worm egg counts per year
  • E-mail reminders of when the samples are needed
  • Specific veterinary advice on action needed after Worm Egg Count results
  • Offering competitive discounts on wormers if needed

NEW FOR 2017 - Extended Package which includes a Tapeworm ELISA saliva test: 
Tapeworms can’t be detected accurately in faecal samples and previously have only been diagnosed using an expensive and inaccurate blood test. Tapeworms can cause colic, however  like all other worms, not all horses have them so testing for tapeworm in Autumn will help to reduce the wormer exposure of your horse and it’s worms, preserving the efficacy of the worming drugs. This test can be done by yourself simply by covering a swab in some saliva and sending it to a lab using the freepost envelope provided in the pack.

The following  is required for the package:

  • E-mail address (postal reminders could be used if specifically asked for)
  • Mandatory worming of horses before starting the programme for encysted red worm and tapeworm in Autumn/Winter preferably November. (Equest Pramox the wormer of choice)
  • All horses sharing the same pasture must join the package

To sign up for the 2017 worming package please register before 1st March 2017.

Our price for the standard package is £28.00 including vat per horse.
Our price for the extended package is £46.00 including vat per horse.
Payment required at registration.