Large Animal Farm Services

We provide a wide variety of services to our farm clients as well as the traditional “fire brigade” emergency callouts. Severn Edge Veterinary Group also provides a full investigatory service for diseases encountered in all farm species, using outside laboratories when applicable. As well as first class veterinary care we provide competitively priced veterinary medicines to give cost effective care to your livestock.

Our vets keep up-to-date on current diseases and best management practices by regularly attending training courses for all the farm species. We can then help implement best practice on the farms we visit.

Dairy Cattle
Routine visits are encouraged to keep on top of regular fertility work (using ultrasound scanners) and other routine procedures.

The Interherd Plus program is used to analyse your herd’s fertility and mastitis and production data allowing us to give advice to maximize your herd’s health and productivity.

We offer practical advice on lameness and have our own mobile Wopa footcare crush for farms when needed.

Farm assurance has been around for a while and we aim to make your Herd Health Plan dynamic and interactive so that it is a useful health and production tool as well as providing assurance to consumers.

Herds are monitored for the main infectious diseases encountered in dairy herds and appropriate preventative plans put in place using vaccines and other management practices.

We have a good working relationship with vets at the Animal Health VLA laboratory in Shrewsbury who provide current advice on disease syndromes as well as lab tests.

Beef Cattle
Suckler cow management, in particular relating to fertility is crucial. Bull fertility is assessed by vets from Liverpool University to ensure they are fit before the breeding season.

Tight calving patterns are essential to properly manage the suckler herd and maximize calf health. Investigation of possible disease affecting fertility is available as well as management advice. Fertility is monitored by ultrasound scanning.

Calf health is another vital element of work in the beef herd, again disease investigation and management advice is provided..

We provide management advice to fattening units, in particular in relation to prevention of pneumonia including vaccination protocols.

Herdsure is available to diagnose and control the major infectious diseases seen in both beef (and dairy) cows through lab testing.

The lambing season allows our biggest contact with sheep farmers. The proximity of the Veterinary Laboratory at Shrewsbury is particularly useful when investigating the cause of abortion in ewes.

In addition we are able and keen to provide veterinary advice to shepherds through all the seasons to maximize health and productivity. We can formulate flock health plans tailored to your individual needs.

We host a sheep discussion group which provides an interactive forum for exchange of ideas and information, as well as highlighting disease trends.

Management advice is given to herds under our care with appropriate lab back up. The quarterly visits required by the Farm Assured Pig Health Scheme provide an opportunity to assess health and production and to offer advice as required.