Working Dog Tail Docking

At Severn Edge we have always worked closely with the rural community, including their trusted canine companions. We offer a full range of services to these dogs including tail docking for animals facing a working future. A small number of our vets are willing to undertake docking of working dogs. Please remember we can not and will not offer the service for cosmetic purposes, or for dogs whose age or breed fall outside of the Docking of Working Dogs’ Tails (England) Regulations 2007. 

In reference to the working dogs tail docking act, the RCVS states:

“It is an offence to remove the whole or part of a dog’s tail other than for the purpose of medical treatment, subject to the exemption for docking the tails of certain working dogs.”

  • The veterinary surgeon who docks the tails certifies that s/he has seen specified evidence that the dog is intended to work in specified areas. The form of words and types of evidence that you must provide for the docking certificate can be found on the DEFRA website.
  • The puppy must be presented with the dam. The age of the puppies depends on the breed and litter size; we would usually like to book them in at 3 - 4 days old (with a maximum of 5 days)
  • The types of dogs that may be docked, specified in the Docking of Working Dogs’ Tails (England) Regulations 2007, are (1) hunt point retrieve breeds of any type or combination of types, (2) spaniels of any type or combination of types or (3) terriers of any type or combination of types.
  • Each docked puppy must have a legal certificate signed by a vet. The puppy's certificate must be presented at the time of microchipping (by 8 weeks of age). THIS CERTIFICATE IS NOT REPLACEABLE. WE CAN NOT PROVIDE A COPY IF IT IS LOST OR MISPLACED AS IT IS A LEGAL DOCUMENT.

A copy of this certificate can be viewed here.

The full DEFRA tail-docking information can be found here.

Please contact our Cleobury Mortimer branch on 01299 271967 for more information on tail docking. Veterinary surgeon Peter Howman docked approximately 100 litters of working dogs last year.

We can also provide docking services at Much Wenlock 01952 726 007, Kinver 01384 873 660 and Bridgnorth 01746 763 998 by prior arrangement.