Senior Pet Health Check (Free!)

It’s natural that pets face more health risks as they age, just like us. So, as our animal clients get older, we like them to have regular health checks. Cats from age eleven and dogs from five years (large breeds) and eight years (smaller breeds) are our “senior citizens”. Our nurses will give your pet a proper “top to tail” exam, where we look for early signs of kidney/liver disease, arthritis, dental disease and tumours, high blood pressure, and others. Your pet’s long-term wellbeing is our first priority, so, if we are concerned with any of our findings, we will refer you onto a vet for an additional consultation. Just like us, the sooner we detect any problems, the more we can do to help.

This nurse clinic service is free of charge for our clients. Any subsequent consultation with the vet will be charged at our normal rates.