Sally Prior RVN

"Following 15 years as a graphic designer I was encouraged by my lovely husband to go out and find what I wanted to really do.  Being a lifelong animal lover and having 'dabbled' in the world of human healthcare I decided that I wanted to get into animal nursing.  I completed my ANA course in 2017 with Riverside kindly taking me for some work experience and it's been onwards and upwards ever since.

I started studying for my diploma at Pershore College in Sept 2018 and hope to become a registered nursing during 2020.

My current animal family consists of Boris and Lola the mischievous cockapoos, the cats; Keith the misunderstood ginger feral and Miss Purrdee the fusspot; Basil and Cybil the chinchillas and the 'Carry-On' girls - a few ex caged hens living out their retirement.

My spare time is mainly taken up with studying currently, but I still like to use my graphic design skills by producing the website, facebook page and promotional activities for the Wyre Forest Big Band where I also play baritone saxophone.  I like to 'try' and run, cycle and I'm partial to a bit of paddleboarding with the dogs (when the weather's not too cold!)"



Focus Area